AngularJS versión 4

Angular 4.1.0 Now Available

AngularJS Version 4.1 adds full support for TypeScript 2.2 and 2.3. Developers previously reported good experiences with TypeScript 2.2 and 2.3, but Angular is now built with TypeScript 2.3. This does not affect our support for TypeScript 2.1 which shipped with 4.0.

Visual Studio for MAC

Introducing Visual Studio for Mac

Visual Studio for Mac is a new member of the Visual Studio family for mobile-first, cloud-first development. This video preview shows how to get started with Visual Studio for Mac and explores its rich capabilities for developing mobile apps with Xamarin and cloud back-ends with .NET Core.

Microsoft Flow

Getting Started With Microsoft Flow

The eBook “Getting Started With Microsoft Flow ” provides an overview of what Microsoft Flow is and how a user can start working on it. The step by step procedure of every operation is given in details. The book is just like a training manual for end-users, which takes them through creating their own flows either by using the pre-built templates or from the scratch, using SharePoint Online.