Vue.js is a library for building interactive web interfaces. The goal of Vue.js is to provide the benefits of reactive data binding and composable view components with an API that is as simple as possible.

Vue.js itself is not a full-blown framework – it is focused on the view layer only. It is therefore very easy to pick up and to integrate with other libraries or existing projects. On the other hand, when used in combination with proper tooling and supporting libraries, Vue.js is also perfectly capable of powering sophisticated Single-Page Applications.

If you are an experienced frontend developer and you want to know how Vue.js compares to other libraries/frameworks, check out the Comparison with Other Frameworks post.

If you are interested to learn more information about Vue.js’ core take a look at Vue.js official guide.

What people say about Vue.js

“Vue.js is what made me love JavaScript. It’s extremely easy and enjoyable to use. It has a great ecosystem of plugins and tools that extend its basic services. You can quickly include it in any project, small or big, write a few lines of code and you are set. Vue.js is fast, lightweight and is the future of Front end development!”

—Alex Kyriakidis

“When I started picking up Javascript I got excited learning a ton of possibilities, but when my friend suggested to learn Vue.js and I followed his advice, things went wild. While reading and watching tutorials I kept thinking all the stuff I’ve done so far and how much easier it would be if I had invest time to learn Vue earlier. My opinion is that if you want to do your work fast, nice and easy Vue is the JS Framework you need. “

—Kostas Maniatis

“Mark my words: Vue.js will sky-rocket in popularity in 2016. It’s that good.”

— Jeffrey Way

“Vue is what I always wanted in a JavaScript framework. It’s a framework that scales with you as a developer. You can sprinkle it onto one page, or build an advanced single page application with Vuex and Vue Router. It’s truly the most polished JavaScript framework I’ve ever seen.”

— Taylor Otwell

“Vue.js is the first framework I’ve found that feels just as natural to use in a server-rendered app as it does in a full-blown SPA. Whether I just need a small widget on a single page or I’m building a complex Javascript client, it never feels like not enough or like overkill.”

— Adam Wathan

“Vue.js has been able to make a framework that is both simple to use and easy to understand. It’s a breath of fresh air in a world where others are fighting to see who can make the most complex framework.”

— Eric Barnes

“The reason I like Vue.js is because I’m a hybrid designer/developer. I’ve looked at React, Angular and a few others but the learning curve and terminology has always put me off. Vue.js is the first JS framework I understand. Also, not only is it easy to pick up for the less confidence JS’ers, such as myself, but I’ve noticed experienced Angular and React developers take note, and liking, Vue.js. This is pretty unprecedented in JS world and it’s that reason I started London Vue.js Meetup.”

—Jack Barham





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